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The countdown begins to clear skin. 5 pro tips to cleaner, clearer skin.

1.Wash your face. Not washing away the day’s grime? You’re asking for trouble. It might seem simple but keeping your face clean helps to prevent breakouts and the build up of bacteria. Washing your face twice is day is an absolute must.

Fresh and lovely woman washing her face

2.Exfoliate.The trick is to remove the layers of dead skin cells and dirt that are blocking your pores — and your skin’s natural glow. Products with alpha hydroxy and lactic acids exfoliate gently to make you look radiant.

Natural homemade clay facial masks at home .

3.Try an oil-free moisturizer.Acne treatments dry out blemishes and the rest of your face! Slather on an oil-free moisturizer with sunscreen every day to keep your skin smooth and protected.

aloe face cream with fresh aloe - beauty treatment

4.Your quick fix. A cleanse a day keeps the doctor away. In this case, it’s a week. Use a quick fix like activated charcoal to tighten pores, regenerate skin tissue and remove excess oil and grime. Use Activated Charcoal made from Coconuts -the cosmetic beauty charcoal being peddled around has no effect whatsoever. We use Activated Charcoal in select deodorant balms for extra absorption.


5.Be consistent. If you want great skin, Sporadic care won’t do it. It takes time for skin-clearing ingredients to kick in. Starting a skincare routine now will give you plenty of time for your skin to adjust to your busy lifestyle.